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Rachael reviewed Radical Dog — Facebook

July 3 at 10:24 PM · 

I have a 12 year old terrier who had become quiet withdrawn and showed signs of sore muscles unfortunately getting any form of medicine into her wasn't an option she would smell it and refuse to eat. I purchased radical dog and the difference is incredible i now have a sprightly dog again. Highly recommend radical dog.



Some praise for Radical Dog
Our puppy was suffering from a lame leg after playing/running around. We were very concerned as he couldn't even walk at times. We sent him for x-rays and tests but they all came up negative. He continued to suffer quite badly and it was horrible to see him that way. We'd often spend an hour or two massaging his leg.

After trialing radical dog, of which I was quite skeptical, he improved very rapidly. It was truly amazing. Since then he hasn't had a problem.

Thanks so much



 We have now all but used up the package of offcuts.  Our King Charles Cavalier who previously had problems with limping appears to be 'cured', which astounds us.  If it is your biscuits that did that, and we can think of no other reason, then congratulations  

Cheers & thanks




Hi Radical Dog

Your dog biscuits are a life saver, my cheeky 1 year old border terrier (Grommet) loves meal time but we had trouble using treats for training, he's very clever and knows all his commands but would only do things if he felt like it and no treat would persuade him, until I came across Radical Dog, he will do anything for them.

He also has a few mild allergies but these biscuits don't give him any trouble, such a healthy option as well made in little old nz.


Testimonial from
Hails and Grommet.

Hi John and Maureen,

I just wanted to tell you what a hit Radical Dog biscuits have been with my 12 year old Border Collie ‘Luca’. She’s been slowing down as she gets older (partly through age and partly because she feels more inclined to do things her own way as she ages) so she’s prone to dawdling. This is especially noticeable when it’s bed time or she gets called in from outside. We have a 3 ½ acre block and it can take a while for her to get indoors once she’s been called….well, not any more. I just need to yell “do you want a treat?!” and she comes running, frankly it has to be said, at a speed worthy of a much younger dog – she cannot get inside, or into bed quick enough. It’s really quite hilarious to witness just how much she loves your biscuits! Congratulations on your excellent product.

All the best

Testimonial from

Hello Maureen & John

I am writing on behalf of the Otago/Southland Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club to thank you for the generous sponsorship of samples for our goody bags for exhibitors at our two Specialist Championship Shows at Queens Birthday Weekend in Dunedin 3/4 June 2017 at Forrester Park in Dunedin

The samples have been a great success with very positive feedback from exhibitors, intending to purchase more as they saw the positive results in their Cavaliers.

Thank you again for the sponsorship. Best wishes to the future success of Radical !

Testimonial from

Secretary | Otago/Southland
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club

Thank-you for getting back to me...I have been spreading the word where I can...We have seen a huge difference in our beloved Lilly..her brother passed away last year after we took the vets advice and put him on very expensive arthritis tablets...we believe they were his undoing in the end, so we were desperate to try anything else...and Lilly has responded really well, I am hoping to buy in bigger amounts in the future and would much rather promote and endorse your product seeings how it is local and Kiwi made.

Testimonial from

Hi there,

I just wanted to email and tell you what an awesome product you have. We ordered radical dog biscuits after seeing you on tv and have just re-ordered. Our dogs coats look so shiny and amazing we know they must be feeling good inside as well. I am not in the habit of writing in to anyone probably due to lack of time, but we are in business also so we too value feedback and you need to know you are making a superb product - keep up the great work.

Testimonial from
Neil and Judith.

Hi John,

I have just sent you a video of a dog we had at our kennels for the past three weeks. Unfortunately the quality isn't great, as it's quite difficult chasing a dog around the paddocks with a phone without casting casting shadows!

When she came to us, she shuffled, stopped often and continually wanted to go back to the kennels. But, after just three weeks on Radical Dog, she appeared happier, her tail was held higher, and she even ran!


Testimonial from
Keith & Margaret Nicol.

Aaron Park Kennels



Testimonial from
Susan Millar.

Our first order of biscuits arrived and our grand dog, Katy, happened to be here. She got excited sniffing the box and even more excited when she got to sample a few biscuits.
She has recently been to the vet for a limp, turns out she has tendon damage in her left shoulder. She is going stir crazy not being allowed to exercise so I have high hopes that these Radical Dog biscuits will help her heal. Katy was a rescue dog, is much loved and very loving in return.

Following message:
Katy absolutely loves the Radical Dog biscuits. She is almost back to normal we think - no limp. She is such an energetic dog that she has over exerted herself a couple of times and ended up limping again. We will continue to supplement her diet with R.D as we are convinced they have helped her.

Testimonial from
Garry Cleeve. 

Greyhound trainer

I am a greyhound trainer who trialled Radical Dog Cherry dog biscuits. I train 90 dogs and have over 200 dogs at any one time on my property in Rangiora.

I trialled the biscuits on a few different dogs. The ones I was really interested in were the older race dogs as they get stiff with age and years of racing.

I found the biscuits easy to feed, the dogs loved them and I had particularly good results for one older race dog who was very arthritic, this dog loosened up a lot and even won some more races for us. I loved the product so much I begged for some more.

I thoroughly recommend this dog biscuit.

Testimonial from
Jim and Moira Grant.

Thank you for the free samples of the natural and nutritious dog biscuits. The biggest problem I have encountered is discouraging our two mature dogs from begging for more. They clearly love the product. 

These biscuits are real treats and I know when I give them, my pets are getting the best of wholesome ingredients with no preservatives or artificial enhancers. I also think they are a perfect size for large and small dogs. Best regards and good luck in this exciting new venture,

Testimonial from
Kathryn Shaw.

I have a very fussy terrier cross - I despair at times of finding things he likes! I chanced upon Radical Dog in my supermarket and he loves them! I limit him to three a day as he is only 8kg, but he has developed a new appetite for his kibble and I find he is eating his food with zest - he would live on your product if I allowed him to.

Thank you, Radical Dog is now a part of my regular shopping.

Testimonial from
Debra Mains.

Hiya! Just want to tell you how amazing your Radical Dog biscuits are!

My dog Cimba is a Lhasa Apso and he got run over by a huge Toyota Landcruiser when he was younger - but thanks to the 'Remarkables Vets' he managed to survive. It really was a miracle, but now that he is 7 he was starting to have the old aches and pains. However, once I started giving Cimba your amazing treats I have noticed that he is pooing a lot easier and is running around like a 'spring chicken' again!

So thank you very much for your effort in making such a fantastic dog biscuit!

I would like to say what a great product the radical dog biscuit is you make. We have a 6 year old Jack Russell that we got from the SPCA a year ago. The radical dog biscuit is given to Ace as a treat and he just loves it. What you say in your brochure is correct - energy, flexibility and healthy coat. To be able to give our dog a natural treat is fantastic. Also to have a stockist in Blenheim is great. 

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Testimonial from

Hi, We have a 14 year old Sydney-Silky/Lhasa Apso dog who is so much brighter now we give him a daily Radical Dog. He loves them so much he will even let us clean his teeth before we give him his biscuit! What a great product - thanks

Hi, I ordered a box of biscuits a while back and my dog loves it! She loves it so much that when I mixed your biscuits with her kibbles, she picks out the radical dog biscuits and leaves the rest untouched! It does smell yummy.

Can I know when the off cuts will be back in stock.

Testimonials from
May and Bodhi.

Congratulations & thank you for developing this amazing product! I love giving it to Basil as much as he loves eating it! He gets compliments about his shiny coat everyday!
Please let me know what your human version is?
With Thanks & Best Regards

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